Fan Excitement! Home opener for the San Francisco Giants

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Finally a chance for Giants fans to shake off the winter blues, and watch the boys of summer in their home opener.

Even though this lineup may not pack a lot of punch, fans are still trying to be optimistic. The home opener may be the one time all year that folks don't mind standing in line.

And fans come from all over Northern California and the Central Valley to watch the Giants.

"A day off from work and I love the Giants so much" said John Lee from Sacramento.

This is the first home opener for two year old Sebastian Alvarez. Mom and dad are grooming him to be a fan of the orange and black, but mom Robin Alvarez says that's not the main reason he's here today.

"He's coming along because we couldn't find a babysitter" she said.

Dee Dee says she's more interested in the fans than wins and losses. She operates a stand selling snacks and drinks outside Oracle, where experienced fans go for a bargain.

"Main thing is water cause water inside there is 7 bucks, i sell it out here for 2 dollars," she said.

Near that stand is also a good place for friends to agree to disagree about what the future holds. We heard one woman saying the Giants have good years and bad years, while her friend responded every year is a good year.

Inside Oracle, Giants fans got to watch Tampa Bay hit two homers in the top of the first inning and jump out to a four nothing lead. We spotted Erin Riegler wearing a Tim Lincecum jersey who was wishing Timmy - in his prime - was back

"I was hoping the score would be something a little closer to 0-0," she said.

You know those people who can always find something positive no matter how bleak it looks? That's Serena Woods.

"We do know how to be scrappy and sometimes it takes us a little while to get warmed up," she said
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