Bay Area group watching over Golden Gate Bridge during the holidays to prevent suicides

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The holidays can be a particularly difficult time for people emotionally. And for some they may feel lonely and with no one to support them. But there is a Bay Area group that is stepping up right now to try to save lives.

The Golden Gate Bridge is a popular place for amazing photos this Christmas Eve, but sadly, statistics show the landmark is a magnet for those who want to end their lives.

"People come here sometimes to want to end their pain, and we try to intercept and tell them that their life matters and how important that is," said Mia Munayer.

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Munayer is part of a group of volunteers called Bridgewatch Angels. Their sole purpose is to look for signs of depression and suicide.

"We look for chronic signs someone pacing, someone inappropriately dressed for the weather, someone staring out in the distance, said Lani Krantz.

The Bridgewatch Angels work in teams, wear orange arm bands, and their job is positive engagement.

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"Really listen that's the most important thing and let them unload that despair and tell us what's going on and what really triggered them," said Munayer

"They're out there on the bridge and they are helping others who obviously are going through a lot in their life," bridge visitor Sam Cohen said.

Since January of 2017, Bridgewatch Angels and police have conducted 235 suicide interventions.

They're hopeful intervention along with suicide barriers that are being built will save lives.

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