Officials considering increasing toll prices for Golden Gate Bridge

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The Golden Gate Bridge is the most expensive bridge to cross in the Bay Area and Thursday, the district that runs it talked about making it more expensive.

Drivers with FasTrak pay $7 now-- a dollar less than drivers without FasTrak. In five years, those drivers could be looking at a toll of nearly $10.

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Officials say they need the money to pay for ferries and buses, which help keep cars off Highway 101 during the commute. They also need more money to maintain the bridge.

If this passes increases would start in July and continue each year for five years.

The exact amounts are still up for debate but here's a sample:

With FasTrak, a weekday commuter now pays $7 each day, which is $35 a week, and $140 per month. If the toll rises just $0.25 next summer-- one of the proposals under consideration-- then the monthly total rises to $145.

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If the toll increase continues for five years, the monthly total jumps to $165.

You can make your opinion heard at open houses which start next month.

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