Officials considering proposal to raise Golden Gate Bridge toll

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Transportation officials will consider proposals that could increase the toll for the Golden Gate Bridge to $10 over the next five years.

Bridge officials say they need to increase ferry service, but they need money to do that and point out ferries and buses keep cars off of Highway 101. They also need money to maintain the bridge and are facing a $75 million deficit.

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Drivers with a FasTrak pass pay $7 to cross the Golden Gate; that could go up to $8.75 in five years. Those who pay by invoice pay $8 now that could go up to $9.80. This would be a gradual increase over the next five years

Tolls on the other bridges are going up $1 January 1, but this bridge is separate from those and now it is time to think about giving it its own increase. If this passes, it would start going into effect in July.

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Board directors say they need the money to pay for ferries and buses and to maintain the bridge.
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