Ticket, toll fare increases take effect for Bay Area commuters

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015
Ticket, toll fare increases take effect for Bay Area commuters
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Whether you commute by car, bus or ferry, many Bay Area commuters will be paying a little more for their ride beginning July 1.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Whether you commute by car, bus or ferry, starting today, many in the Bay Area will be paying a little more for our rides starting July 1.

Some of those fare hikes include San Francisco's cable cars and Muni. Riders who are eligible for discounted fares will pay more, even those with monthly passes.

For Muni riders, the discount fare for children, seniors, and disabled people is going up from 75 cents to $1. Monthly passes are increasing by $1 to $3, depending on which version you have.

Cable cars will now cost $7 to ride, that's up $1.

Olajuwon Mitchell doesn't mind paying $7 for a cable car ride. He says it's a fun way to get to work.

"I'm from Louisiana. Every time I think about the cable car, I think about the Rice-A-Roni commercials. I always wanted to live here because of that," he said.

The reason for most of the fare hikes is to offset the increase in capital and operating costs.

But Michelle MacWilliams fears the price hike will be too much for those who are already struggling to live in the Bay Area.

"I think it's hard on a lot of people. It's already really expensive with regular prices," said MacWilliams.

Other commuters say paying more for public transportation is worth it, considering the alternative.

"I used to have to drive to work to San Francisco for an hour-and-a-half. Now it's like 35 to 40 minutes on the ferry to get to Marin. It's fabulous," said Jerri Lynn.

Golden Gate Transit increased ferry prices from Sausalito and Larkspur by 50 cents.

San Francisco Bay Ferry prices are also up.

And drivers are now paying 25 cents more to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge, and will continue to do so every year until 2018.

"This toll increase over the course of five years will raise $138 million, which pretty much wipes out budget shortfall we had in the past," explained Golden gate Bridge PIO, Priya Clemens.

Commuters crossing the Golden Gate Bridge with FasTrak will now be paying $6.25. Pay-by-plate will go up to 7.25 and those driving in the carpool lane will now pay $4.25.

Golden Gate Ferry fares also went up starting today by 50 cents and Golden Gate bus service fares have increased by about 5 percent.

The cost of riding Muni is also going up for many passengers.