Drifters accused of San Francisco, Marin County murders appear in court

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (KGO) -- Two drifters accused of killing a woman in Golden Gate Park and a man in Marin County appeared in court on Tuesday. A preliminary hearing for Lila Alligood and Morrison Lampley will decide if they'll go to trial.

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Many details, some painful and painstaking, were revealed in Marin County Superior Court Tuesday. Some of the most interesting details his time came from a witness who was on the trail at about the time the murders occurred. He says he saw the suspects and in his opinion they looked like typical meth heads and "they had eyes glazed over like he's never seen."

In real life, preliminary hearings are less about drama and more about the slow piling on of evidence.

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It has been almost one year since 67-year-old Steve Carter died from gunshot wounds on a trail near Fairfax and 23-year-old Audrey Carey, from Canada, died in San Francisco.

On Tuesday the two remaining defendants appeared in superior court.

First up they heard from a Marin County Sheriff's detective who describes how in early interviews Alligood tried to protect Lampley, her boyfriend, by saying that a third drifter, Sean Angold, pulled the trigger.

Angold has since made a plea deal as part of an agreement to testify against the other two.

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The detective also told of a jail cellmate who says Alligood told her, "The old man needed to die and Lampley was the shooter."

He also described how one of the bullets pierced Carter's wallet, put a hole in credit card, and shredded the cash inside. In interviews later on, Alligood described those bills as wet when the suspects later used them to buy gas in Bolinas.

As for the killing of Carey, Alligood described Lampley's shooting of her in grizzly detail.

On Tuesday, we learned that just before dying, Carey thanked the three accused for being her friends.
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