Year's biggest drinking holiday getting challenged by cannabis

Thursday, November 28, 2019
Year's biggest drinking holidays getting challenged by cannabis
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Black Wednesday, one of the year's biggest drinking holidays, is starting to get competition from Green Wednesday.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Thanksgiving is a family holiday with turkey and all the trimmings. The day before Thanksgiving though-is one of the year's biggest drinking holidays.

It's called Black Wednesday.

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A booming business day for bars. The world-famous Yerba Buena Café-- which serves 2,000 Irish coffees a day-- is no exception.

Bartender John Jiede says Black Wednesday is one big party day.

"All the families are back in town. The workers are off early."

But now, Black Wednesday is starting to get competition from Green Wednesday.

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The day before Thanksgiving is also one of the biggest days for cannabis retailers. It's their shopping holiday ahead of Black Friday.

"They're stocking up. They want to be ready to bring something to their Thanksgiving tables or possibly discreetly relaxing before they get to their Thanksgiving tables," says Eliot Dobris of The Apothecarium Dispensary.

Business was brisk here the Apothecarium Cannabis store on Market Street.

"Just to make it through the holiday, with our four dogs, we're going to need this day," said customer tom Randall.

"It's just me, my brother and my sister, so no parents. Were just hanging out and have a great time. awesome," said Kris Rauffer, who was visiting from New Jersey.

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All the shoppers taking advantage of the sales.

"We are offering fifty percent on any Legion of Bloom vaper cartridge when you buy another one." said Dobris.

Also popular on Green Wednesday, "We sell a lot of edibles particularly gummies and also vaper packs which are easy to go out in the back yard and use for a few minutes without much of a smell."