How to spot a grow house

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- If you are concerned about a house in your neighborhood, observation helps.

Here's what Dale Skye Jones, executive chancellor of Oaksterdam University, says to look out for if you think a home could be a grow house.

  • Are the window sealed off?

  • Do the lights never change?

  • Alternatively, you might see an extraordinarily bright light coming from what seems to be the edges.

  • You may also notice something suspicious with the electrical going on.

  • You may see some unusual activity around the outside electrical box.

  • You may notice an unusually strong odor if they're not using some type of mechanism to scrub the odor. Your neighborhood will start to smell at certain times of the year.

  • If you see lots of perhaps young men coming in and out at all hours with nice cars, that would also be an indicator.

  • You might call the police or you might call the fire department if you are concerned for the safety of your family or your neighborhood. Do not approach the home or any of its occupants.

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