Growing concern after someone shoots at vehicle in San Jose's Willow Glen neighborhood

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- There is growing concern after someone shot at a vehicle in San Jose's Willow Glen neighborhood. The man behind the wheel told ABC7 News the shooting was the latest unfortunate incident in a string of bad luck.

Ryan Lafountain says in the last few weeks, his Acura MDX had been hit while parked, broken into, and on Thursday, shot at.

The drive from the Texaco on West Alma Avenue, just before it turns into Minnesota Avenue, to Lafountain's Willow Glen home shouldn't take more than a few minutes. During Thursday's evening commute, those moments that turned dangerous.

"As soon as it hit the car, it vibrated through the entire frame and it was very loud," Lafountain said. "Obvious that we had been hit by something."

He was behind the wheel, his girlfriend was in the passenger seat when the vehicle was hit. Whatever struck the vehicle, left behind what looked like a bullet hole.

"Could've been a BB gun, could've been a pellet gun," Lafountain said. "Some people have said a small firearm. So, it's not fun to think about that."

"My husband thought it was maybe a .22 caliber bullet," Theresa Blickenstaff said. She's Lafountain's mother.

While Blickenstaff didn't want to go on-camera, she told ABC7 News she now fears for the safety of others.

Located along the same stretch of road where the shooting happened are homes, businesses, and a brand new pre-school.

"So, imagine all the parents picking kids up with their windows rolled down on a hot day," Blickenstaff said. "And that happening."

Lafountain said he wants the person responsible, caught. Until then, he's counting his blessings.

"I'm just happy that it didn't go through one of the windows," he told ABC7 News. "So, very close. There was a few inches off. I'm just fortunate for that much."

San Jose Police have been notified. The department says it hasn't received any other calls regarding similar incidents in that area.
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