Gusting winds threaten areas untouched by North Bay wildfires

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- A row of mailboxes can be seen still standing while the homes they go off Heights Road in Santa Rosa are demolished.

Nothing seems real yet. "I'm going to start crying if I talk about it," Briane Fruiht said.

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Rooms in the area blend together. In one, the remnants of a bed suggest it was someone's bedroom. "Looking at our neighbors homes on either side of us are gone, there's nothing," Fruiht said.

Miraculously the Fruiht's house is unscathed, and 17 years of memories untouched. "We feel so grateful and yet, we feel a little guilty that the people we care about lost everything my mom included," Fruiht said.

Abandoned vehicles in the middle of the roadway could be signs of desperate attempts to escape. "That was not there when I drove out and that fire was on the property already," Fruiht said.

IMPORTANT: 380 people are still listed as missing in Sonoma County. Officials hope some have been found, but have just not yet been reported as found. If you know someone who was missing but no longer is please call the Sonoma County Emergency Operations Center at 707-565-3856

Returning here made the Fruiht's wonder if they would rebuild had it been them. "Initially, I would say we were done because you have all your love and 17 years of money into the piggy bank and it just poof, it's horrible, horrible," Fruiht said.

As their neighbors work through that same question, there are new concerns - gusting winds expected to pick up potentially spreading embers to areas spared by the fire so far.

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