'Top of the world' hang out spot in Santa Rosa leads to fire concerns for homeowners

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- What's worrying residents are the hillsides off Skyfarm Drive in Santa Rosa's Fountaingrove neighborhood-- fire ravaged the area in 2017.
Loren Dias evacuated that night while his mother lost her home. Now with fire season here, she's nervous.

"When it's a windy day or when we see people smoking we get nervous because we are traumatized by what happened to us."

And so when teenagers party at "Top of the World"-- a spot near Skyfarm and Flintridge Drives-- it's bound to make for an anxious night.

Beer bottles, cups and trash are all over the hillside. It's evidence of what happens there. Teenagers also use that path to check out the view. It can all happen anywhere from midnight to 4:00 AM.
It's the smoking that happens during the partying that worries most residents.

Dias said, "Using their lighters and throwing out their cigarettes and cigars in the brush so we're pretty concerned about the potential for a 2019 fire."

We spoke with Taylor Carlson after she placed flowers near the spot where her friend was killed in a car crash July 1. Taylor Sorg and two others had just left a night of partying on Skyfarm Drive when the driver lost control of the car while making a turn. Sorg died and the driver is accused of suspicion of vehicular manslaughter.

Carlson used to party in the area when she was in high school and said, "I definitely would say people smoke up there a lot. It's kind of like a smoking spot for teenagers."

Santa Rosa police are trying to quell the problems.
Cpt. John Cregan said, "We understand the frustrations of the residents and the police department is committed to making sure they are not re-victimized by crime occurring in this area."

While on this story we spotted three patrol cars in the neighborhood. Police promise more will cruise the area on a regular basis.
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