'Oh, my God! Yes! Yes!': Woman screams with delight during whale encounter in Hawaii

HONOLULU (KGO) -- New video out of Hawaii shows one woman's hilarious reaction to coming face-to-face with a trio of humpback whales.

"Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Yes! Yes!" the woman can be heard screaming with delight in the video shared by Kathy Daly.

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Daly says she and some friends were enjoying a day of paddle boarding off the coast of Kailua Bay on February 17 when they were surprised by multiple whales breaching the water only a few yards away from them.

The group had seen the whales earlier in the day and decided to "hang out and see where the whales were going."

It was definitely worth the wait.

Moments later, a whale breached about 50 yards away from the group and Daly took out her phone to film it.

Although she did not capture the first whale, she was able to record the second and third whale as they breached the water and gave the paddle boarders a show they will not forget.

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