Game-changing gadgets on display at HAX tech event in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Tech entrepreneurs took the wraps off a lot of new products in San Francisco Tuesday to change the way people eat, shop and travel at the HAX Startup Accelerator.

A high-tech tower on display is not a computer, but you'll find plenty of bugs in it.

"They're called meal worms. They make a really good meal," said Katharina Ungar, Livin Farms founder.

They do recommend cooking them once they come out of a desktop insect farm. This is just one of the far-out products unveiled at Hax Demo Day.

"Switch this button on and the luggage can follow you physically," said Alex Libman, Robotics co-founder.

A tiny robot built into a suitcase that rolls behind you like a well-trained dog was also on display.

"It came from childhood when we saw things that come alive, like Walt Disney, we see many things helps Mickey Mouse," Libman said.

If you like the tall, skinny type, Tally doesn't talk much.

"It doesn't interact with customers, it just avoids them. It just wants to do its job," Mirza Shah, Robotics co-founder.

With computer vision, it takes inventory, better and faster than humans.

"Distinguish things like Coke versus diet Coke, it can recognize big bottle versus a small bottle," said Mirza Shah, Robotics co-founder.

Even a coffee maker showcased is more than meets the eye.

"Through your app, you rate the coffee and we learn your preference," said Rayan Alshainani, co-founder of Auroma.

Most of the products being demoed are world premieres, but not all of them. For the first time, HAX has opened up to entrepreneurs with a product already on the market who want to kick things up a notch.

"How to build a product from scratch is one thing, but learning how to scale those companies is another," said Cyril Ebersweiler, HAX founder.

Companies are letting you 3D print your own drone or 3D print with food. Two products that are already out. The others launch next year once they're done working the bugs out.
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