Hayward family celebrates Christmas after losing everything in fire

FAIRFIELD, Calif. (KGO) -- A Hayward family lost everything when their home caught fire in early December. The Christmas spirit is making the loss easier to bear.

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The Sosa girls' favorite toy is from a Christmas Eve toy drive. "It sure did make them smile," said their mother Shaunt'e Sosa. "Made them happy to have something to open up for Christmas.

Seeing their smiles is priceless for Sosa. Gift giving is low on the priority list this year.

The smoke has cleared from the fire at their Hayward home.

"Our house burned on the inside," Sosa told ABC7 News."Not too bad, but enough where we can't go home."

An outpouring of love and support followed. "My children's school, they donated clothes, our clothes burned in the fire," Sosa said. "My job put up a GoFundMe and raised some money for us.

Then Sosa's sister-in-law invited the family to her Fairfield home for Christmas.

"We always stick together and make sure we have love in our life and family," Sosa continued.

The fire put life into perspective. Then, a day later the Oakland Ghost Ship Fire happened and it had an impact on Sosa. "I felt so bad for the families they lost their lives," she said.

They may not have a permanent home, but the focus is on what they do have. Sosa says love, family, togetherness and warmth are far more valuable than any gift.
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