ABC7's Beyond the Headlines with Cheryl Jennings: AIDS

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Each week we examine stories that affect people who live and work in the Bay Area.

This week's edition of "Beyond the Headlines" focuses on the virus that causes AIDS. The number of new cases is declining in this country due to advances in medicine, awareness and testing. A simple blood test can help identify one's status. However, the AIDS virus is still a causing a deadly plague in several countries around the world.

Prominent pediatrician Dr. Arthur Ammann battled the AIDS crisis locally among children from the very beginning. Now, he's helping children in Africa. Our other guests include Dr. Geri DeLaRosa and Dan Ooko. Dr. DeLaRosa made history by holding the first summer camp on the west coast for children with HIV/AIDS. 30 years later, she continues her work in Africa. She is working with Dan Ooko, whose parents died of AIDS. He helped raise his brothers and sisters. He founded Cecelia's Family Village in Kenya to honor his mother. It's a school to help AIDS orphans lift up their lives.

Studio Guests

Art Ammann, M.D.
HIV/AIDS Activist, Pediatrician
Author, Lethal Decisions - The Unnecessary Deaths of Women and Children from HIV/AID
Facebook: @GlobalStrategies
Twitter: @GlobalStrategies

Dr. Geri Brooks DeLaRosa, Ph.D.
Founder, Sunburst Projects
Facebook: @SunburstProjects
Twitter: @sunbrstprojects
Instagram: @SunburstProjects

Dan Ooko
Founder, Cecilia's Family Village (Kenya)
Facebook: @Sunburst-Projects-Kenya
Twitter: @sunbrstprojects
Instagram: @SunburstProjects

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