Baby has skin condition that makes her untouchable

PLACER COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- A Placer County couple will meet with doctors at Stanford today about their baby's rare skin condition that makes her nearly untouchable.

Kiira Kinkle is almost two-months-old and has never known a mother's touch. She was born with a rare condition that causes skin to tear and blister at the slightest rubbing or friction. Mother Kirsti can only hold Kiira with a soft blanket wrapped around her -- no skin-to-skin contact.

"I would never wish this on anybody, knowing she's going to live a life of pain. This is the worst disease you've never heard of," said Kirsti.

Every day Kiira's fingers and toes are wrapped individually then her fists and feet are bandaged to protect her skin from herself. The Kinkles say their medical insurance does not cover the estimated $20,000 yearly cost of daily in-home treatments.
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