Colorblind man sees purple for the first time


A colorblind man had an intense emotional reaction upon seeing natural colors for the first time, thanks to a special gift from a friend.

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Ethan, who is colorblind, explained in the video that his visual impairment causes him to see the world differently from everyone else, seeing green like brown or pink as silver or blue.

"It doesn't mean I see the world in black and white," said Ethan. "It just means that I see things in a way that are a little more dull than usual."

A friend of Ethan's recently surprised him at work with a special gift: a pair of EnChroma glasses that block some of the light reflected in the glasses, forcing the eyes of someone with colorblindness to respond differently to color.

At first, Ethan didn't quite get it, but then he slowly began to understand what he was seeing. Speechless, Ethan walked around the office, shocked at experiencing the natural world of color.

Ethan, overcome with emotion, broke down upon spotting a container of wet wipes with a color he had never seen before.

"Is this purple?!" Ethan asked, his voice trembling.

Still unable to comprehend what he was seeing, Ethan continued to explore and examine every new color he had previously never really experienced.

The original, uncensored version of the video (WARNING: Strong language) uploaded on June 30 received more than 1 million views in a day after going viral earlier this week.
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