Coronavirus Pandemic: Castro Valley family still stuck in Peru, desperately trying to get on last flight home

CASTRO VALLEY, Calif. (KGO) -- A Bay Area family stuck in Peru is desperately trying to make it on the last flight back to the U.S. -- and they are seeking help to make it happen.

Jennifer Wong told ABC7 News that her parents and aunt and uncle have been in Peru for weeks.

The relatives -- Jorge and Lucy Wong and Benjamin and Shirley Blount, who are all in their 60s and 70s -- live in Castro Valley, but spend three months a year in Colan, a small town in northern Peru.

They were there when the coronavirus pandemic began it's spread, and have been trying for weeks no to get home -- but without any luck.

"Our fear is that if they do get sick, their town won't have the resources to deal with the thousands of cases that could potentially arise," Jennifer Wong said.

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Wong says her family has done all the paperwork, but there has been limited communication from the Embassy, and now they fear her family won't make it on a scheduled flight out of Lima on Monday.

"It's kind of been like pulling teeth. We contact the crisis lines, the 800 numbers, we contacted them via email, Instagram, Facebook, and it's just kind of like going in circles," Wong explained. "Apparently, a bus did leave yesterday and just left them. So it's just, there's no one to communicate directly with, and that's been frustrating."

The U.S. Embassy in Lima says about 470 Americans left Peru on Saturday and more flights are confirmed for today and tomorrow. They are promising to arrange for more.

But as of today, the Peruvian Government is ordering all businesses to closed, which means limited transportation options.

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Wong says her parents are willing to arrange their own private transportation to Lima, but they just need someone to communicate with. At this point, she says, they are now starting to make preparations if they need to wait out in Peru.

"They're obviously stressed about it," Wong said. "I just want my parents here. If something were to happen to them, we want to be able to make sure they receive the care they need."

ABC7 News has reached out to the Peruvian Embassy in San Francisco for comment.
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