Daughter of Danville resident saves life at 40,000 feet

ALAMO, Calif. (KGO) -- An East Bay mom is proud of her daughter who saved a woman's life aboard a Southwest Airlines flight out of Oakland Airport.

It started out as a normal flight from Oakland to Chicago on June 6 for Susan Anderson and her daughter Kimberly Umansky, who were on their way to visit family, but halfway through the flight, there was an urgent announcement.

A middle-aged woman went into anaphylactic shock on board, a life-threatening allergic reaction.

Susan Anderson says her daughter Kimberly, a registered nurse, was the only licensed medical professional on the flight.

The pilot prepared for an emergency landing as the flight crew pulled out a first-aid kit with off-brand EpiPens in it. The first one, Anderson says, did not work. The second one finally did and the woman started breathing.

Another passenger offered Benadryl.

"They called my daughter an angel," said Anderson. "She is truly an angel. She saved a life and she knew it. I was so proud of her."

Anderson says her daughter is traveling out of the country now.

She decided to share her story and warn those with severe allergies to always carry emergency injections with them.
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