Don't impose cannabis dispensary restrictions, some SF residents urge city officials

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The San Francisco Board of Supervisors Land Use and Transportation Committee is hearing from residents regarding the potential locations of cannabis dispensaries.

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Supervisors are considering rules that would restrict dispensaries in some neighborhoods, and many residents say that's not right considering prop 64 passed by 74 percent in San Francisco.

One of the issues is whether there should be a 1,000-foot buffer between cannabis businesses and schools and daycare centers. The state has recommended 600 feet.

"No one objects to a liquor store or alcohol being sold around the corner from my kids' school and cigarettes no one has said that's a bad idea," said Supervisor Jeff Sheehy.

Several residents implored the committee to be sympathetic to those who use marijuana for medical purposes.

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"We're wondering why a city that is a sanctuary for medical cannabis would put forward restrictions that are more restrictive than our entire state voted on," said Shona Gochenaur of Axis of Love SF.

Some officials say there needs to be a cap on how many dispensaries can open in any one neighborhood.

"There does have to, at some point, be a conversation on a maximum number," said Supervisor Jane Kim.

One speaker of several dozen gathered at City Hall for the meeting was in favor of restrictions around dispensaries.

"If marijuana smoking is permitted in dispensaries and .... other businesses that are located in mixed use buildings, people who live above these businesses or work next door will have to breathe marijuana smoke throughout the day," she said.

The issue will go in front of the full board of suprevisors next week.

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