Florida father receives kidney donation from daughter

MIAMI (KGO) -- This might make you feel guilty for buying your dad a tie for Father's Day. A Florida woman gave her father a kidney.

He desperately needed a second kidney transplant after the first one he received four years ago started to show signs of failure. His daughter was a 100 percent match for a donation.

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"I was really getting worse than I ever felt before, my body was double the size I am now," said Patrick Bachelier.

"He didn't look well. I didn't know how much time he had, honestly, and it's hard for a child to look at your parent and see that," his daughter, Jacqueline Bachelier, said.

Doctors say that since this was his second transplants, there were many risks involved. But the surgery went off without a hitch and both are thankful for the gift of life this Father's Day.

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