New alternative to chemotherapy being tested on cancer patients in the U.S.

A revolutionary new technique being developed to fight cancer could become the first gene therapy available in the U.S. The new method was just unanimously approved Wednesday by the FDA's advisory panel. The hope is that it could eliminate chemotherapy.

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The new technique involves taking T-Cells out of the patient's own body and those are then genetically engineered and placed back into the body. The new cells then target and destroy the malignant cells in a Trojan horse-type method without hurting the healthy cells.

"This is being studied in all types of cancer but it really shows the most promise in liquid cancers, like leukemia we should mention we don't know exactly how much this treatment would cost but the estimates are very expensive, could be $3,000 a year," said Jennifer Ashton, ABC News Chief Woman's Health Correspondent.

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A young girl Emily Whitehead was the first patient to undergo the new procedure.

She had leukemia, and her parents say she is currently in remission and doing well.

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