A Washington Hospital patient's miraculous road to recovery

Washington Hospital is dedicated to delivering leading facilities, technology, and patient-first care. In this segment, surgery specialist, Dr. Herscu helps his patient, Norma, walk for the first time after being bedridden for years.

Norma's journey began in 2016, when doctors at Washington Hospital identified an ankle fracture that wouldn't heal. In addition, Norma had a limb salvage problem, in which her leg was a risk of needing an amputation. At the time, she was living in a skilled nursing facility and unable to participate in physical therapy.

Dr. Herscu and his multidisciplinary team stayed committed in their quest to help Norma walk again. After carefully curated treatment, surgery, and continuous care, Norma is finally able to walk today.

Watch as Norma's miraculous story unfolds and meet the Doctor who achieved the impossible.
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