Coronavirus: SFO flights spaciously distanced for passengers on weekday, despite weekend crowding

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KGO) -- Passengers arriving at San Francisco International Airport Monday morning describe a first class experience, saying there was plenty of room on board for spreading out and socially distancing.

"It was very spaced out. I believe 10 people had their own row, so it was very spacious," said Imani Jones of Atlanta who flew in from Denver on Frontier Airlines.

Passengers who flew in on United described similar experiences.

"Yeah there was a lot of room. Every couple seats had only one person and it's like far from each other and safe," said Hazza Taamnah of Bakersfield.

It was a different story over the weekend. Passengers on board flights on Frontier, United and American Airlines describe very crowded flights. Some took pictures and posted them on social media to show how many people were on board. There was shock that the airlines would allow this many people and also fear.

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"I was petrified. Definitely, because it was absolutely ridiculous that we were so close to one another," said Kayla Preston of Orlando.

The airline says the United flight in question over the weekend was 85% full. Frontier was 66%.

American said they only use the middle seats when necessary, pointing out many families were on board who sit together. American said 73% of the middle seats on that flight were empty. Airlines say they are trying to leave that middle seat open for socially distancing. Monday morning it appeared that was happening.

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"I felt safe and comfortable. I don't know if all airlines are doing it but they (United) gave us antiseptic towels if you want to use them. It was fine," said Scott Bower of Trails, Oregon.

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