East Bay residents react to heat wave where temps could reach 109

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Friday, August 14, 2020
East Bay prepares for week of triple-digit weather
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An Excessive Heat Warning is expected to go into effect for part of the San Francisco Bay Area on Friday.

CONCORD, Calif. (KGO) -- The temperatures were hot Thursday but it's only going to get hotter as an Excessive Heat Warning goes into effect on Friday.

Kids we came across in Concord were doing what they could to down extra water as temperatures were in the mid-90s.

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"I don't like this weather at all, I prefer the winter, I've always preferred the winter," says Margarita Norozzo of Concord.

Many that we talked with agreed with her.

"It is what it is but I wish it was cooler," says 9-year-old London Mostella.

Honest yes but that doesn't change the fact that hotter temperatures are coming.

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Scorching, dangerous heat to bake the Bay Area for seven days. Meteorologist Mike Nicco says this heat wave will be different with summer thunderstorms, possibility of stray showers.

On Friday it could reach 109 in Concord.

"Really 109?" Says Jose Guerra who loves the hot weather.

The high temperatures might be appealing to some but are dangerous to others.

"I worry about my husband because he had a heart attack a few years ago and that makes the heat really dangerous for him." A reason why Carrie Rodich is especially happy that they now have a portable air conditioner.

"You know it's not the most powerful thing but our house is small so it works well for us just have to angle it the right way so it gets into the halls and bedrooms," says Rodich.

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Contra Costa County has set up cooling centers across the area where tables and chairs are socially distanced inside. They haven't been busy in the past but with the pandemic, there's no telling.

"We will have to limit capacity if we get too many people showing up at the door," says Contra Costa County Spokesperson Tish Gallegos.

Gallegos recommends water, shade, and a cool indoor spot if you have it. Those we talked with say they'll be trying to stay cool anyway they can.

"Whatever it takes like I said I love the winter this weather is beating me down so!"

As for relief, it's not likely to come soon. A good portion of the East Bay could hit triple digits every day for the next week.

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