Oracle OpenWorld shuts down Howard Street in San Francisco this week

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Howard Street in front of the Moscone Center is shut down this week for Oracle's Open World conference. They expect more than 60,000 people this week.

Cars cannot use Howard between Third and Fourth Streets. This created a congested mess during this morning's commute. And some drivers predict the afternoon will be even worse. Some San Francisco residents say this is taking hospitality too far.

"It's a little bit of a drag for the rest of us commuting. It takes like an hour to go three blocks. I think they should be respectful of the community and people who live here and commute here as well as the people coming in for conferences," said Meg Donovan.

A Lyft driver who was stuck in traffic on Howard Street agrees with her.

"It definitely makes an impact. Personally, I don't think they should ever shut the streets down like that," said Ryan Kricensky.

But another resident points out this pain is a small price to pay for what the city gains.

"I am a business person. This drives a lot of money and people from all over the world so I am not too negative. But it is the way to my office so it is a little bit troublesome," said Yuichi Ando.

The conference lasts through Thursday but Howard is expected to be shut down all week.

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