High fire danger puts North Bay residents in stress mode after devastating fires

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- High fire danger and red flag conditions sent many people living in the North Bay into stress mode.

"It brings back a lot of angst because it's very blustery," said Santa Rosa resident Crystal Blanton.

High winds on Saturday were hard to ignore at a holiday giving event for wild fire victims.

"I lost my home in the fire, now living in an apartment in Windsor, I heard the winds kick up and thought, here we go again," said Casey Zumstein.

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For many, it's all too painful reminder of similar fire weather two months ago which created a monster firestorm which chased thousands from their homes, leaving neighborhoods in ashes.

The Santa Rosa Fire Department is on alert this weekend as the risk of fire increases.

"Between low humidity and high winds that poses a danger, that's why we are on alert," said Santa Rosa battalion fire chief, Ken Sebastiani.

All fire engines are being moved back to summertime mode, restocking rigs with wild land fire hoses and lightweight protective gear. Normally, such firefighting equipment is not needed during the winter rainy season.

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