Officials warn of mountain lion sightings in Hillsborough

HILLSBOROUGH, Calif. (KGO) -- Hillsborough Police Department is warning residents after several new mountain lion sightings.

The department says trail cameras captured video of a mountain lion.

VIDEO: Mountain Lion caught on camera on Hillsborough porch
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Nature met the suburbs in Hillsborough when a mountain lion dragged a deer off a porch after the owners said it was eating their potted flowers.

Also that recent sightings have included the 200 block of Darrell, 900 block of Macadamia and 2850 block of Churchill.

Thom Ruben lives on the 2850 block of Churchill.

"We came home yesterday and there was a buck sitting there and the buck got startled around 8 o'clock," said Ruben.

"Then the cat came bounding through and went up after him," he continued.

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Police say the mountain lions are generally solitary, elusive and avoid human contact.

"You know what they've been here longer than we have," said Ruben.

Still police are warning people to keep their pets inside at dawn, dusk and at night.

"We used to have a dog I used to tell mom after dusk before you open the door bang on it a couple of times so kitty takes off," said Ruben.

Hillsborough Police Department says the first sighting was reported two Sundays ago with the most recent one this past Sunday.

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