Hit and run driver leaves victim in the street with shattered pelvis outside Dublin/Pleasanton BART station

DUBLIN, Calif. (KGO) -- In the East Bay, a hit and run driver nearly killed a Livermore man as he crossed the street on his way home from work Friday in Dublin.

Dennis Ouimette has felt terrible every day since the hit and run on Friday. Now, he's at Stanford Hospital, where he's having complications.

Dennis' wife Lisa said, "Day by day things just change as far as his medical status. He keeps having problem after problem, really tough."

Dennis was walking along this sidewalk and had taken just three steps into the street when he was hit.

Dennis said, "I flew off his windshield, I flew seven feet in the air and landed on my pelvis."

Dennis has a shattered left pelvis and internal injuries.

BART police believe the suspect was driving a silver or grey, mid-2000s Toyota sedan.

All his family feels toward the driver is anger.

Dennis said, "It's devastating, terrible, whoever did this needs to see this and come forward, be a man and come forward."

Dennis is expected to be unable to work for roughly eight months. That's why a GoFundMe page has been created.
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