ONLY ON ABC7NEWS.COM: 'Why you just left and left my son there?' A mother's plea after hit-and-run leaves son in coma

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Christine Pahati hasn't left her son's bedside for three days. She believes Rajah Olaguer is hearing her voice.

Rajah is in a medically induced coma after getting hit by a car while crossing 16th and Bryant Streets on Saturday around 12:57 pm. The driver fled the scene.

"Clear your conscious I guess. Why you just left and left my son there instead of calling 911 right away. You just left him there," said Pahati.

According to witnesses, the driver of a black Mercedes was stopped at a red light behind another car, then abruptly sped into oncoming traffic and hit Rajah who was crossing the street, in the crosswalk.

The 48-year-old man was transported to Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital where his family found him after a day of not hearing from him.

"Right now my son is fighting for his life. He's a very hard-working son, he's so kind and is always helping our family," said Pahati while her sister comforted her.

Rajah Olaguer has several injuries to his brain; a crushed femur, five broken ribs and is unconscious but stable according to his family.

"His basic functions are still there. But the activities that would indicate that his brain is fully functioning in the wake mode-- there is no perspectival activity they could see," said Cynthia Olaguer, Pahati's aunt.

The pedestrian safety group Walk SF, confirmed 16th street is part of San Francisco's high injury network. Olaguer's family is asking for the city to make some changes.

"That particular area which they have already identified as a really danger zone. At least for the city to make some adjustments in the traffic regulations in that place," said Cynthia.

Surveillance video of the incident was given to police according to neighbors, but what his mother wants is for the suspect to turn themselves in.

"I would like to ask the public that any witnesses that could share to the police to please come up and tell us who is responsible for this horrible incident," said Pahati.

We spoke to an SFPD Public Information Officer who confirmed they are investigating this case but did not reveal any details about the hit-and-run.
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