YouTube family says parents may want to impose 'Mommy Tax' this Halloween in fun video

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018
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YouTube family says parents may want to impose ‘Mommy Tax’ this Halloween with new music video

A family known for their hilarious music videos and parodies is at it again with an important rule, especially during Halloween.

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It features the Holderness family with their latest topic - "Mommy Tax."

The parody music video explains how 'Mommy Tax' works.

"Kids are adorable, kids are funny,Kids know candy but they don't know money.So what better way to teach them financial facts than little thing called 'Mommy Tax'It is something we've been doing since 2013And it's something we use a lot on HalloweenShe raises you and feeds you so don't get bentWhen it comes to food she gets 33 percent."

She has free reign when it comes to food items her kids are enjoying, especially the best bites, and of course Halloween candy.

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Since this video was posted Sunday, it's already been viewed half a million times.