Innovations in photography open new possibilities for holiday pics

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- For many of us, memories during the holidays are best captured in photos and videos, and there have been some new innovations in photography.

A pocket size drone is yet another way to take selfie-like pictures. It's supposed to be less clumsy than a selfie stick and more versatile than trying to snap the picture yourself.

"You toss it in the air and fly it up and take selfies for you and your friends and do it indoors and outdoors and it fits in your purse or your pocket," said Dian Oved of AirSelfie.

You can control the flight of the Airselfie using your iPhone or Android app. It takes both snapshots and video and retails for $299.

If underwater photography is your thing, you might be impressed with the underwater submarine, PowerRay.

Made by PowerVision, It's like a drone except it travels underwater and comes with a 4K camera. You can watch all the video on your tablet or smart phone.

But for the best picture, it's recommended you pull out your virtual reality glasses.

"You come upon places where there's a lot of sun and water and you get a reflection on your tablet screen, said Craig Glover of PowerVision. "So if you look up VR goggles, you're basically cutting off all that extra light."

The Power Ray starts at $1,400 and goes up to $1,900.

Once you have all your photos and videos, where do you store them.

Now there's a way to stash them in a safe place without having to pay monthly storage fees. It's called the Kwilt Shoebox.

"You take your photos and then you go to our application, the Kwilt app, and you actually transfer your photos and your videos back to your Kwilt Shoebox at home, where ever you are, said Marc Benglia of Kwilt Shoebox."

The photos are then stored in your external hard drive. Unlike other storage system, there's no monthly fee to increase storage space.

"Instead of paying your monthly fee, you buy the device and it rests at home, separately and privately with your own hard drives," said Benglia.

The Kwilt Shoebox retails for $69.

Written and produced by Randall Yip
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