Imaginative toys can be cure for child's summer boredom

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- As the summer is winding down, parents and caregivers may be struggling to keep the kids entertained.

We have some of the summer's hottest toys that just may be the cure for your kid's boredom.

From a riding horse to a giant bubble that doubles as a ball, toys manufacturers are finding new twists on traditional toys to entertain children.

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"You'll say wow, I've never seen anything like that before. And that's exactly what's going to draw kids to them," said Marissa DiBartolo, senior editor of The Toy Insider, a publication for parents or any gift giver looking for toy reviews.

There's nothing new about bubbles, except these bubbles happen to be edible.

"This is really cool. It's called Lick-A-Bubble. This is an edible bubble solution that kids can add any drink to create bubbles that they can eat," said DiBartolo.

The bubbles taste like whatever drink that you flavor it with. Lick-A-Bubble was invented by a pediatrician, allergist and physician.

Speaking of bubbles, the Wubble Bubble feels like a bubble but plays like a ball.

The material is light and stretchy and doesn't hurt when it hits a child.

"So this is super fun because it's very open-ended play. Kids can do anything they can imagine with it," DeBartolo said.

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Then there's the Sling Stix. Releasing the trigger sets the ball in motion. Catch it using the suction cups.

Both parents and kids might appreciate the Walkie Chalk. You can draw on the sidewalk using a piece of chalk attached to the chalk stick without getting on the ground.

No need for parents or kids to get their clothes dirty bending down.

If your kid has the need for speed, how about a blast from the past. Some of you may have had a Turbo Panther in your youth.

This remote-controlled car is styled like the original 60 years ago. But you don't need a sense of nostalgia to enjoy it.

"Really cool. It was really easy," said 5-year-old Gino Bazan.

Just check out the smile on this little one riding Stable Buddies from Dynacraft.

Be sure to get out of her way when she's riding through your neighborhood.

The Stable Buddies go up to 2.5 miles per hour.

"They do come packaged in their staple as well. So you have a perfect storage place for them and they're just $149," said DiBartolo

Our new friend, Charlotte Murphy, gives Stable Buddies her stamp of approval.

You can check out The Toy Insider's Summer Toy Guide here.

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