Houston flights arrive at SFO after Hurricane Harvey

SPRING, Texas (KGO) -- Some of the first flights from Houston are arriving at San Francisco International Airport. Some had previously scheduled trips to the Bay Area, others were taking the first available flight to get out and get dry.

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There were six United flights on the board to SFO from the newly reopened George Bush airport in Houston.

Two were canceled and three arrived. One was 50 minutes late.

Passengers ABC7 News talked with say the rain has stopped and the flood waters are receding, but they are still amazed by the devastation they saw.

One woman had her own spin on an old Texas expression to describe it. "You can go to hell, I'll go to Houston. Well, hell came to Houston, that's my expression," said Mimi Del Grande.

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"The rain came down so hard the bayous overflowed and the scary part is floods are silent. You can fall asleep in a chair and wake up and find your feet are wet," said Robert Del Grande.

"Some areas were still flooded for sure, but the major freeways that were a few days prior completely submerged had gone down," said Houston resident Mark Riley.

Riley lives near downtown Houston and never lost power. The Del Grandes didn't have electricity for three days and suffered only minor flooding, but the devastation they saw, the homes and buildings destroyed, was heartbreaking.

At SFO ABC7 News spoke to a trio of Bay Area guys who were supposed to connect to Mexico from Houston to go scuba diving -- they ended up trapped in their hotel for four days.

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