Bay Area activists mobilize to help immigrant families

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- In the Bay Area, efforts to help immigrant families continue to grow, from collecting supplies to preparations for a huge rally. A small group in San Mateo called I Want My Mommy has raised money and clothing for immigrant children and their families stuck in detention camps.

ABC7's Cheryl Jennings will be traveling to the border with this group of moms. Follow Cheryl and ABC7 News as we bring you the story of the Crisis at the Border.

They started collecting supplies just a few days ago and the response from their community has been overwhelming.

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A group of 12 volunteers will leave Friday to accompany Congresswoman Jackie Speier to McAllen.

"I think in our very small way, we're feeling that at least something is happening," said event organizer Katherine Breaux.

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Even though President Trump signed an order to keep families together, It's not clear how the administration plans to reunite those who have already been separated.

Raices is a nonprofit that provides legal services for immigrants. We spoke to them via Skype from Texas.

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"A person lost in the desert needs water. A person in famine needs food. And a refugee who is in detention and being deported needs a lawyer," said Raices attorney Jonathan Ryan.

Raices says these families also need bond money to help get them out of the detention centers.

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They are getting most of their donations from the Bay Area through the Willner family fundraising page which has raised more than $17 million. More than 450,000 people have already donated.

Another group called Families Belong Together is organizing rallies throughout the country on June 30.

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