'Good luck, have fun:' Bay Area gamers share mantras for sportsmanship in wake of Madden shooting

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (KGO) -- The Bay Area's video gaming community is still reacting to news of the Jacksonville shooting tragedy. Many say violence has no place in the world of virtual reality.

"I can't fly a jet plane or be someone with superpowers the appeal for many is escapism," said competitive gamer Dan Janes.

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Janes is a student at SFSU, he's also event manager for Bay Area Gaming, a social group dedicated to Esports tournaments and events, now with 600 members.

"I think that guy has nothing to do with games and everything to do with mental health," Janes said of David Katz, the suspected shooter.

The world of esports is attracting big crowds and big money. Some players compete live online.

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Janes says he's seen people get upset at tournaments but never violent.

"At the end of the day, it's just a game," he said.

He says it's protocol and good sportsmanship to say 'GG' at the end of every event, win or lose, which means good game.

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