100-year-old woman in Queens inspires others to vote

JAMAICA, Queens -- A 100-year-old woman from Queens is an inspiring example of how important it is for everyone to vote.

Faye Graig knows all about that.

"You remember when women couldn't vote? I remember," Graig said.

At 100 years old she navigated her way today through PS 223 in Jamaica, Queens, and cast her vote.

Graig's friend Mickel White made sure the centenarian got out to the polls.

"As she knows, so many people have sacrificed for this opportunity. So whatever your choice is, whichever candidate, that's your choice, but to actually come out and cast your vote is super-duper important," White said. "If she can do it at 100 years old, in a wheelchair, with two helpers, three helpers, anybody can come out and cast their vote, no excuse."

Yes she can be an example for us for many reasons.
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