Despite heated meeting, SF officials approve former Oakland Mayor's marijuana dispensary

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Former Oakland Mayor Jean Quan wants to open a medical marijuana dispensary in the city, and that brought out both supporters and opponents.

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It all centered on the Planning Commission meeting, which as of 11 p.m. was still going on.

More than 100 people showed up to speak, but after standing in line for hours, tempers flared.

It wasn't easy. The divisive crowd had been fuming for hours. They were here to talk about a controversial medical marijuana dispensary called Apothecarium, which former Oakland Mayor Jean Quan and her physician husband want to open in San Francisco's Sunset District.

The majority of speakers don't want the dispensary in their neighborhood. They say it's bad for the children, nearby schools, and many in the elderly Chinese community.
"The crime is going up, traffic accidents are going up. Kids' morality is going down," said Bill, who opposes the dispensary.

"These people could be my family members, so they might forgo medical cannabis altogether because they don't know anything about it or have a stigma against it," said dispensary supporter Nick Lau.

"You walk by a dispensary, you wouldn't even know it's there," said another supporter Susan Pfeifer. "People aren't doing it on the street."

Either side can appeal the Planning Commission's decision and take it before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

After a night of deliberation and heated discussion, the commission approved the measure with conditions regarding cultural and educational services.

The measure will go to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors if opposition appeals.

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