Seven mistakes made by rookie recruits

Wednesday, August 19, 2015
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SACRAMENTO (JobJournal) -- Graduation season has come and gone, and that means twenty-something's are starting to take their place in the real world of professional employment. Locking in that desirable job is certainly an accomplishment, but holding on to it is part of the battle that recent grads too often overlook.

Alison Green, employment writer for US News and World Report and founder of, points out seven blunders that workplace newcomers make on the job:

  • Things tend to be done a certain way around the office, and not becoming familiar with the office culture may make you appear unprofessional.
  • It's almost impossible to remember everything you're told your first few weeks. Not writing down important details causes confusion for you and frustration for your supervisor, who has to repeat the things you've forgotten.
  • Dressing too casually shows a lack of seriousness about your job and your role as a representative of the company.
  • Using a cell phone or other social media in a workplace setting is not only unprofessional but unproductive and disrespectful to your employer.
  • Mixing your personal and business relationships by dating a co-worker is not a good idea, even if it is permitted by your employer. Be smart and show good judgment by not letting a personal relationship affect your work or the workplace.
  • Work hard no matter what task is assigned to you. Once you've shown your supervisor that you can handle the tedious jobs, you will be trusted with more interesting assignments.
  • We all make mistakes when we're starting out. What makes the difference is how fast you learn from your errors and eliminate them going forward.
  • When you do make mistakes, take the initiative to ensure that they don't happen again.

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