Job Hunting With Jobina: Glassdoor creates new tool to find open jobs during COVID-19

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Thursday, May 28, 2020
Glassdoor creates new tool to find open jobs during COVID-19
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Searching for a new job but aren't having any luck? A Glassdoor career expert has tips and a new tool to help you out.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Are you feeling like you've been searching for the right job, but no luck? It's possible you may not be looking in the right place. "Things have changed so quickly," Sarah Stoddard, Glassdoor career expert said. "It might be difficult to understand who has open jobs."

Glassdoor has launched a new tool called the "hiring surge explorer." It identifies employers that are actively and aggressively hiring. The career platform has more than 1,000 companies on their list. "So the employers themselves are identifying if they're having a surge in hiring to help people gauge which companies in the Bay Area are actively hiring," Stoddard said. "We do see companies like Facebook, Docusign and Google ramping up their hiring efforts."

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Glassdoor has also created a COVID-19 job search HUB. It highlights a range resources and roles, like work from home opportunities.

Competition is always stiff when looking for the best positions, but it's especially difficult right now. "Recruiters are sifting through maybe hundreds of applications at this point and typically recruiters spend about two to three seconds per application," Stoddard said. "You want to catch their attention fast. So, if they recognize your name from a quick email, a linkedIn message, you know ask them a specific question or confirm that you've actually applied for that role. That way when they're sifting through those resumes they say, 'Oh I recognize Sarah's name. She sent me a message.'"

When you send a message, make sure there are no typos and you've done your research.


Company: Docusign

Position: Business Process Administrator

This role: Responsible for providing key administration for Accounting and Business Process functions

Qualifications: BA/BS degree or equivalent work experience, administration and accounting experience

See more on the job, here.

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