Coronavirus California: San Francisco barbershops reopen for outdoor service

Everyone must wear a mask and go through a screening process.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2020
SF barbershops reopen for outdoor service
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You can now get a haircut outside at Joe's Barbershop and other barbershops in San Francisco... But you must go through a screening first.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Tuesday barbershops across San Francisco reopened for outdoor business.

The owner of Joe's Barbershop in San Francisco welcomed the buzzing sound of the electric razors as he took his business outside after being closed for six months.

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"Very well-spaced, lots of air flow, so it's great, a nice safe place for a hair cut, yay, ha,ha," expressed owner, Joe Gallagher.

Hair and nail salons, and massage studios were also allowed to reopen outside today.

Everyone must wear a mask and go through a screening process.

"For now this is a step that matters to a lot for people like Joe and the folks who work here and the people who are getting their hair cut," said San Francisco Supervisor Rafael Mandalman.

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Clients showed up early this morning to stand in line waiting to get a haircut. Brandon Stanton was among them.

"I've been waiting months for this moment. I'm been trying to cut my hair at home very unsuccessfully for the past few months," added Stanton.

However, not every barbershop has the outdoor space to open outdoors, and are anxiously awaiting guidance on opening indoors.

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Omar Nazzal, for examples, owns of Old Mission Barber Shop.

Nazzal's shop is nestled in between two restaurants in San Francisco's mission district, where he only has 11 feet of curbside space.

This means only being able to accommodate two chairs outside his storefront.

"It isn't realistic. I have barbers that are behind on rent...barbers that have family members... kids that they have to feed... including myself," Nazzal said. "It's not realistic."

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