San Franciscans watched Kavanaugh and Ford, alone and in crowds

Friday, September 28, 2018
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Senate hearing overload in the food court of public opinion

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Welcome to the food court of public opinion where jurors sit, not in a box, but pass judgement from thousands of miles away even while eating lunch.

As Senator Lindsay Graham posed the question, "Would you say you've been through hell?"

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And Judge Brett Kavanaugh observed, "This is a circus..."

And Dr. Christine Blasey Ford proclaimed, "I believe I am here because this is my civic duty..."

Many of us observed the politics and process on mobile devices, surrounded by crowds, and yet alone.

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Thursday's Senate hearings streamed almost anywhere to those caught up in it -- or not.

"There has been nastiness brewing for a long time," said Liam Clark, an interior decorator in San Francisco.

At street level, we detected a level of disconnect, Thursday, even for this narrative that affects all of us. Imagine a contest, almost like a political Super Bowl, for so many of us had already pre-chosen sides and winners. Fair enough. Except, when football games end, a victor emerges. In this case, it depends who you ask.

VIDEO: Christine Blasey Ford's full statement at Senate hearing

"There is no winner here," we heard time and again.

"The nation loses." We heard variations of that, as well, of a process that has strayed into territory never imagined by our nation's founders.

"We're losers because we don't get an ideal candidate," said Michelle Abala.

"This whole mess is upsetting," said Clark. "There has been nastiness brewing for a long time. It's upsetting to see the most powerful nation in the world behaving like utter children."

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Those would be observations from a distance.

At lunch.

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