San Bruno parents accused of assaulting boy found in daughter's closet say they never hit him, thought he was an intruder

SAN BRUNO, Calif. (KGO) -- The parents of a 15-year-old girl accused of a hate crime against an African American boy they found in her closet are out of jail but facing multiple charges.

The accused couple said they never hit the 17-year-old boy and when they found him inside their daughter's closet they thought he was an intruder.

"Did you guys tie him? No," said Haydee Arguello and added "we never hit anyone and now it's like he can say whatever he wants. But, it's not the truth."

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Haydee Arguello, Wilfredo Amaya and the 15-year-old's biological dad Luisandor Suarez who showed up minutes later were all booked into the San Mateo County Jail facing multiple felony charges related to committing a hate crime, kidnapping, and assault with a deadly weapon and criminal threats. San Mateo's District Attorney said they have strong evidence to back up these charges.

"It was done by use of some very vial, racist terms as they were beating him. Additionally they grabbed a rope and tied it around his hand and head," said San Mateo DA Stephen Wagstaffe.

According to Wagstaffe suspect Luisando Suarez arrived to the house and joined in beating the victim, but his charges will not be the same as the mother Haydee Arguello and the step-dad Wilfredo Amaya.

"The stepfather and mother tied a rope around his neck and bound him while calling Him vile and racist names. Hate crime enhancements filed against mother and stepfather," said Wagstaffe.

But Arguello and Amaya deny these accusations: "For 30 minutes what happened? I can't tell you because you because we have a restrain to talk. Later on we can talk about everything all the details," said Arguello and added "We were afraid about our families. In that moment we didn't think about race. Race doesn't matter."

But, what about that rope San Bruno Police say the family used to restrain the victim?

"We had that rope because we have grand-kids and we have a big backyard and we use it for piñatas. But, we never used it to tie him," said Wilfredo Amaya.

San Mateo District Attorney said the charges against the suspects are very serious and they can approach 20 years in state prison.
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