Kincade Fire Evacuation Story: 5 days and counting, family of 9 cramps into RV, kids sick from smoke

SONOMA COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- We spotted 17-year-old Paloma as soon as we entered the RV Park near the Sonoma County fairgrounds, a temporary home base for evacuees of the Kincade Fire. She sat on a bench with a blanket on her lap, fiddling with her phone. She's not going anywhere, might as well get comfortable.

That seems to be the going mentality at many shelters around the fire zone, residents resigned to the uncertainty of their fate.

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But for Paloma's family, that resilience will need extra resolve. She toured our cameras inside their cramped RV quarters.

Two bedrooms, nine people who don't normally live together. But, evacuation circumstances have forced them under one roof.

In one room - her brother, dad, and a cat.

In the living area - her mom and two baby sisters on one couch, two grandmas on another. In the other room, her uncle, cousin and her.

They arrived at the park on Friday. After five days of smoke, her baby sisters - 3-years-old and 6-months-old - were taken to the hospital.

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"We were on Tylenol but that wasn't working. They were really sick, they were throwing up this morning," she said.

Not only that, Paloma's dad works on the vineyards. So, on top of all the fire-related worries, he's also currently out of a job.

The RV park is full of stories of evacuees. Each one sharing the common thread of uncertainty but different in a very personal way.

John Teague joked that he's glamping. His RV is spacious, hooked up to electrify and full of supplies.

But, his story is also complicated. He was evacuated while he was hosting evacuees, friends who lived in a zone that got the notice before his home in Santa Rosa. Now, they're all on the same boat.

His elderly dad is with him, his wife is trying to stay close to her mother.

"Do you think you'll lose your house," I asked him.

"No, we'll be fine," he said.

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Wait and see, wait and see is the real anxiety.

But, the anxiety of waiting to go back is better than the danger of staying put. That's what Santa Rosa's Police Chief want people to remember. His office called us, his team worried that people aren't taking evacuation notices seriously.

He urged people to remember the Tubbs fire of 2017.

"We had trouble with congestion, getting people out. People lost their lives," Chief Rainer Navarro said.

Message received, at least by the people we talked to. Not just that, they are overflowing with gratitude - for the electricity at the park, for the warmth of the shelters.

"We pray everything will be ok," said Isabel Garcia, Paloma's grandmother.

No doubt, she has company from the entire country.

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