Landlords requiring pet resumes from renters

Wednesday, April 1, 2015
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Landlords usually demand a lot of information from renters and now many of them are asking for resume's on renter's pets.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Landlords can be tough on perspective tenants because they want to make sure things go well. For a long time, they've demanded a lot of information and now many want much more, including a resume on a renter's pets.

Even one of the pitchers for the Oakland Athletics hit a snag over his puppy.

Some people that ABC7 News spoke with say renting competition is tough in San Francisco.

A three-bedroom loft conversion in the South Park District rents for $6,900 a month. And if pet owners want it, they must jump through hoops according to Mcguire real estate agent Jeanne Zimmerman. "I do often request a pet resume because the owners have to comply with the CCR'S of the building," she said.

It's a trend that began after San Francisco's infamous dog mauling cases, so landlords now feel a need to protect themselves.

With the market hotter than ever, they can easily say no. This is what happened to Eireann Dolan, who was looking for a place with Sean Doolittle of the Oakland A's and their pooch Stella.

"They wanted to know everything from her environment to her food choices. It just seemed very silly," Dolan said.

So she padded that resume with references to Stella's degree from DePaw University and how she completion of grades K-9.

"I assumed the wanted a little creativity. It was a bad assumption, obviously because we did not get the apartment so," Dolan said.

It isn't easy to be young and upwardly mobile with a pet for any renter.

Renter and dog owner Colton Pierson said his reaction to this issue is begrudging acceptance.

And if you're worried about Stella, put a muzzle on it because they're doing fine. "She's on Match.Com now, she's on eHarmony, she's on Christian Mingle. There are other places for Stella out there," Dolan said.