Las Vegas shows support as recovery continues after mass shooting

LAS VEGAS (KGO) -- The mood is still somber in Las Vegas, and no one has quite moved on. Messages flash everywhere -- some showing a number for where victims can seek counseling.

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This is certainly not something that is usually seen on a Las Vegas billboard.

"We talked about how much we like the hashtag Vegas Strong," said Washington D.C. resident Eric Leifer.

Las Vegas is by no means at a standstill. Throughout the day tourists stopped by the memorial to pay their respects, but told ABC7 news they also want to continue to enjoy their vacations. But make no mistake, the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history is weighing heavily and infiltrating every part of Las Vegas life.

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"We're constantly reminded of it but we're trying not to focus on the negative," Leifer added.

Even stars performing on the strip, like Celine Dion commented.

You can hear everyone on the strip talking about the shooting -- but through it all tourists continue to snap pictures. Nightclubs and bars are still open.

"We knew it was a tourist town that police would take care of everything quickly," said London resident Joseph Flynn. "Even though it's not every day you have 59 people killed but we knew we would be safe."

Casinos are trying their best to make visitors feel safe. MGM resports, which owns Mandalay Bay, announced it has increased security and, "works consistently with local and national law enforcement agencies to keep procedures at our resorts up to date, and are always improving and evolving."

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