Young girl takes lemonade road trip to raise funds for fallen police officers

Byby Juan Carlos Guerrero via KGO logo
Thursday, July 26, 2018
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Five-year-old Theresa Ann Babcock serves up some lemonade as part of a fundraiser outside the Menlo Park Police Department.

MENLO PARK (KGO) -- A young girl's love for lemonade has sparked a very special summer road trip.

Last week, Theresa Ann Babcock and her family set out to visit police stations all over California and set up lemonade stands. Their goal is to raise funds for the families of fallen police officers.

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This is not a new idea. Theresa Ann first asked to do a lemonade stand three years ago while watching a Disney Channel show. Her father was hesitant at first, but then, after the deadly shootings two years ago of five police officers in Dallas and three in Baton Rouge, he agreed with one key condition.

"I said we need to show our police officers some support. If we do this lemonade stand, the donations can go to the fallen officers," said Robert Babcock, Theresa Ann's father. His daughter agreed and they raised $1,380 in one day.

Theresa Ann and her family have continued to set up lemonade stands and raise money through their organization Love With Lemons.

This year, they decided to go further. On July 16, they set out to visit nearly 20 police stations in Southern and Northern California. Police officers are very appreciative. Some have given her stuffed animals of K9 officers, police department patches and stickers. But the biggest surprise came from the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, which gave her a real lemonade stand. Before she just used to sell lemonade from a flat table.

"Not in my 18 years as being a cop have a seen a young lady that is so young, have a mission from her heart to us in public safety. said Sgt. Edward Soares, from the Menlo Park Police Department.

The road trip will make a stop at the San Francisco Giants game on July 26, when the team holds it Law Enforcement Appreciation night.