Family says they are too busy caring for child with leukemia after receiving angry, racist letter

HOUSTON, Texas -- Willow Kreitz loves checking the mail, but an anonymous letter she found Friday is not something her parents wanted to see.

It included a racist remark along with demands the family paint their home and tend to their yard.

The family's been busy with Willow's battle against leukemia and says they have other priorities at the moment.

"This is the first time anything like this has ever happened," said Robert Kreitz, Willow's father.

The note complained about the yard needing to be mowed. It said the family should clean the place up and paint. The angry rant included a racist comment saying the yard makes the neighborhood look "ghetto." It ended saying, "You're not even black."

"That upset me the most," Willow's mom, Amber Kreitz, said. "I just don't understand what color has to do with your yard and why write that kind of thing?"

Willow says the person who wrote this just doesn't understand her family's situation.

"I thought that they should know what I'm going through and we don't have the time to worry about our yard," Amber Kreitz said.

Robert said cancer changed his family's perspective on what's important.

"My yard used to be immaculate all the time. But then cancer came in and it just kind of changes everything," Robert Kreitz said.

Thankfully, their neighborhood has come together and offered support. Some have even offered to paint their house for them.

"Everyone has stepped up just like Houston does," Amber said.
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