Soccer match at Levi's Stadium sparks safety concerns

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) -- A fight was caught on video at Levi's Stadium during the Mexico vs. Iceland soccer game on Friday night, where a fan was almost thrown over the edge of an upper deck.

The Santa Clara Police Department said there were several fights in a short period of time which lead to the decision to call in extra officers.

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That decision, known as code 20, was a first for an event at Levi's Stadium.

Some members of the Stadium Authority voiced serious concerns about that. "It was chaotic," said authority member Debi Davis. "People were scared. They called this 20 so it made a lot of people nervous."

The police chief said there were 24 arrests and 50 people ejected. Four people went to the hospital with minor injuries.

He added that for an event of more than 64,000 people, that's a win. "I stand behind the decisions that were made to bring in extra resources to make it a safe event and that's my responsibility," said Santa Clara Police Chief Michael Sellers.

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A lot of the blame was aimed at the 49ers organization, not the police.

The response was little consolation to people who live near the stadium.

Moving forward, the Stadium Authority is looking at limiting drinking in the parking lot before an event. Gates opened at 2 p.m. Friday, five hours before the Mexico vs. Iceland match.

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