'Phantasma: Embrace Your Fears' provides a safe, outdoor Halloween experience in SF

SAN FRANCISCO -- Velocity Arts and Entertainment is a San Francisco-based entertainment company known for blending art and technology into dynamic live performances.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company's Halloween plans have dramatically changed. "On Halloween, we are doing shows for other people, for private clients, for companies, corporations and such...that really ended. Halloween has been canceled," founder Gregangelo Herrera shares.

However, Herrera's passion for performing and Halloween inspired him to conjure up "Phantasma: Embrace Your Fears" a fun, nighttime, outdoor experience, intended for groups sheltering-in-place.

"It's not exactly a haunted house. It's an immersive experience a little bit more on the psychological level, rather than the terror level," Herrera explains. "It's a storyline. It's a journey."

For more information on how to attend, go here.